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Nter moves to its new home!

December 12, 2023

From now on, you’ll find our HQ at the Jogaila Business Centre (BC), located in the Old Town at the address Jogailos St. 9A.

Since we’re only taking on projects we genuinely believe in ourselves, the recent move to BC Jogaila, renovated on our own initiative, is the best proof of that.

“We’ve been looking for premises that featured a unique mood and matched our business philosophy and internal culture, so that our employees wouldn’t feel stuck within the confines of a traditional office. After modifying its original conception ourselves, we saw this BC to be exactly to our specifications. This year, we made lots of significant adjustments, laid down our strategic targets, and changed the brand to better reflect our revised identity. I believe Jogaila will soon feel like home, enabling our growing team to implement interesting and ambitious projects,” said Mantas Skipitis, Partner and CEO of Nter Asset Management.

As the building is listed in the Cultural Property Register, interior changes had to take account of, and underline, its key features. Renovation was coordinated with the project’s creator – architect K. Pempe. For inspiration, the contracted design firm, Anòther Studios, looked to Berlin’s first underground techno night club Tresor, which eventually became one of the city’s most powerful symbols of unity and socio-cultural rebirth after the Cold War.

The core idea behind the project was emphasising the building’s existing style by way of contrast, whereby cultural “rave” is expressed through its interior. Our aim was to make Jogaila’s modern office space both multifunctional and conducive to employees finding their own preferred work-life balance.

The building’s renovation, which represents a transition to the modern standpoint of Western financial institutions, allows us to position Jogaila as an authentic office building that cares little for contemporary office design-related dogmas, and that has become our new home.

BC Jogaila’s association with the strong personality and successful reign of the historical Jogaila, the Grand Duke of Lithuania, which moved the country closer to a Western mindset is perfectly in line with Nter’s philosophy – we are a bold company driven by the search for innovative solutions that aims to create the greatest possible value for our clients.