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Klaipėda district is starting the construction of another large project – a multifunctional center with a school and a kindergarten

May 24, 2024

The investments made by the Klaipėda District Municipality in the development of educational institutions continue to increase. Today, a symbolic capsule was buried for future generations in the foundations of the future multifunctional center in Sendvaris, Trušeliai. In the next couple of years, a building of 8,000 square meters will be built in this place, where a school and a kindergarten will operate. There will also be universal sports, training and culture halls, library facilities will be installed, thus creating cultural and sports spaces for the residents located in this area. It is expected that this multifunctional center will become the center of the eldership, which is the fastest growing in the entire Klaipėda district.

The construction of the Sendvaris multifunctional center is one of the largest projects carried out by the Klaipėda District Municipality. When its construction is completed in the eldership, which has the greatest need for educational institutions, hundreds of additional places for kindergarteners and students will be created. 550 students will be able to study in the new school, and the kindergarten will accept 230 children.

All the necessary outdoor infrastructure will also be created with mini-football, handball, basketball and volleyball, outdoor tennis and padel courts, infrastructure for athletics and outdoor exercise equipment.

The multifunctional center is being built through a public and private partnership. The contract with private investors was signed for 15 years. The contractor undertook to design and build the center, and the Municipality to pay it off over 12 years, paying approximately EUR 2.9 million each year. The value of the whole project reaches more than EUR 35 million. It will be implemented by the Nter Social Infrastructure Fund of the investment management company Nter Asset Management. The contractor of the project is Infes company.

“Today we are burying a capsule with a letter for future generations, and we hope that in a couple of years the first students will walk through the doors of the new school. This is an extremely important project for our district. Sendvaris is a rapidly growing eldership and there is a great shortage of both schools and kindergartens. The construction will definitely solve this problem. We hope that after the construction of the educational institution, the traffic jams in Klaipėda will also decrease, which are especially relevant during the school year, because there are no traffic jams in the summer or during children’s vacations. Therefore, with this project, we will solve not one, but several problems, making everyday life easier for parents, children and everyone living here”, says Bronius Markauskas, Klaipėda District Mayor.

Mantas Skipitis, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Nter Asset Management, says that this project is an important step forward not only for the company’s fund, but also for the whole company.

“Certainly not all projects can boast such obvious and clearly tangible benefits for the community as the multifunctional center of Sendvaris. This is one of the good examples when, by harmonizing the interests of government entities, society and investors, the infrastructure of the country infrastructure is effectively improved through a public and private partnership. We are glad that such projects, which have long been a proven practice in Western European countries, have been successfully implemented in Lithuania for the past few years as well. Seeing the benefits of such synergy, we will continue to actively contribute to the development of social infrastructure in Lithuania”, said the head of Nter Asset Management.

The construction of new schools or kindergartens is not a common event in Lithuania, and the construction of such multifunctional centers is extremely rare.

“We are proud of this project, as an interesting and challenging experience awaits our team. Kindergarten, school, multifunctional spaces need to be combined under one roof and they are all subject to very specific requirements. Our goal is for the project to be functional, comfortable and create added value for the community. We will wait impatiently and carefully monitor how our project turns into a body”, Mantas Šalčius, Project Director of UAB Infes, commented on the project.

The land for the construction of the multifunctional center was purchased by the Klaipėda District Municipality back in 2020. Part of the funds needed for the project – up to EUR 11.8 million – was lent by SEB bankas to the investor. The end of construction is planned for 2026.