We only invest in properties that we genuinely believe in ourselves, basing each decision on our values and long-term experience. This makes our portfolio truly boutique. From cash-flow properties to development projects, we are on the lookout for properties that are both valuable and undervalued.

Real estate

Managing RE funds from 2012
30+ investments made
€300+ million deal volume
€100+ million of assets under management
Target size €50,000,000

Nter Opportunity Fund I

Investments in different types of high-yield (and high-risk) real estate or other real estate-linked investments that may involve certain disadvantages or risks.

Baltic countries and other Central and Eastern EU member states

Nter USA Logistics Fund

Indirect real estate investments in mixed-use logistics facilities.

United States of America
Target size € 50,000,000

Nter Social Infrastructure Fund

Investment in social infrastructure assets (schools, hospitals, retirement homes, kindergartens, non-formal education establishments, and others).

Target size €30,000,000

RE Income Fund I

Investment in developed real estate that generates stable rental incomes.

Baltic countries
Target size €20,000,000

Healthcare and Wellness Fund

Investment in infrastructure and real estate in the wellness, accommodation, SPA, recreation, and related sectors.

Baltic countries
€ (confidential)

Nter Infrastructure Fund

Investing in well-developed engineering, social and energy infrastructure that generates a stable income stream.

Baltic countries
€ (confidential)

London Property Fund

Investments in residential real estate assets in United Kingdom. 


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